Charity Begins By Being Taught At Home

It's no secret that home made dog food and dog treats from your kitchen are much better for your canine pal than the junk found in most commercial brands. The thing that keeps a lot of people from making their own organic dog treats is a perceived lack of time. In today's fast paced world, it's hard enough to feed ourselves right. The thought of taking time to create our own healthy dog food just doesn't seem practical.

Here's one of our favorites. My dog Zac and I flip a coin over who gets the first treat. He always loses. This is a closely guarded, secret dog treat recipe that has been handed down through generations of Zac's doggie family. Legend and lore has it that Zac's great, great, great grandma would have won a blue ribbon at the county fair for these home made dog food cookies...IF these freshly baked treats had made it to the fair. Unfortunately, we'll never know. Zac's great, great grand daddy, just a sneaky little pup atthe time, was asked to carry them out to the truck. You can imagine the rest of the story. Not even a crumb left.

Alum (phitkari) - Apply alum powder at the area of the injury to arrest blood loss and give antiseptic cover as well. Alum is a very common home remedy for wound.

They may be very good changes. Let's assume they are for a minute (which is a BIG assumption). The main issue, though, is that when these new foods hit the market, consumers will be going overnight from all natural to new and improved.

People look at the benefits in different ways. Here are some of the most common benefits presented with the use of solar energy through a home made solar panel.

A third type of home made pond filter uses at least a 250 gallon pump. Add a 4 foot length of 3/8" hose to the exhaust end of the pump. Cut a hole in the end of a plastic tool box for the hose to fit through, then put the pump in the box with the hose running outside. Attach the aerator to the outside end of the hose. Drill to holes in the other Handmade Desi Cow Ghee end and top of the box. Fill a get more info mesh bag with Zeolite and activated carbon, and fit it into the open end of the box. Place the box in the water, and plug the pump in. In summer this filter will keep your water circulating, and during both the winter and summer, the activated charcoal will remove harmful ammonia from your pond environment.

Take a churning equipment. You can use hand-held churning device. I prefer a blender that has a churning blade. If the blender could accommodate, pour the cream and yoghurt together. If it's not possible, then pour in proportion, for instance 1: 1.For a tablespoon of cream, take one tablespoon of yoghurt. After adding them together, churn for 2-4 minutes. When you open the lid of blender, you could see the butter floating above.

Warm milk with chocolate in it is one of the most universal drinks of comfort. Those days are gone. The sacred place the cow holds and the history of milk in Ayurvedic medicine (including ghee) has been darkened by the shadow of modern scientific tyranny.

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