Different Piles Treatment

Piles are the enlarged blood vessels present near the anal region. Due to excess pressure the veins in the anal region stretch. The lower digestive region gets affected due to piles. Internal piles do not cause much pain. They appear inside the body close to the anal region causing excess swelling. External Piles can cause bleeding once you begin to scratch or rub. They can be seen outside the body close to the anal region.

To find relief try putting an ice pack to the skin; this will help with the inflammation. Also, you can try bathing the area very gently with a diluted mixture of warm water and witch hazel. Lastly, you can sit in a warm bath daily; this seems to help immensely and is very calming.

4) piles is common in those who eat excess amounts of chicken, prawns, spicy foods, etc. Those who eat more vegetables and fibrous food are rarely get piles.

High fiber diet - Piles are irritated every day during a bowl movement. If you increase your daily fiber with all natural foods get more info like leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grain cereals you will soften your stools and reduce the straining during a bowel movement. This will help speed up the time it takes to heal your piles fast.

It can also be cut off in an electrical process. Medicines can be injected into it to do damage to the vein and dry it up. It can be frozen off, like many dermatologists do with moles. It can also be surgically cut off, but this has been known to lead to problems later.

Too much of heavy lifting in the gym or lifting of heavy things at work can put pressure on the anal muscles which can cause hemorrhoids. Improper lifting of weights not in accordance with one's body weight is often responsible for this trauma. But hemorrhoids developed in this case can be easily dispensed off with by properly balancing the workouts with respect to weight lifting that you perform at the gym.

Another natural cure for piles is to apply ice on the skin which helps in contracting blood vessels. When the blood vessels narrow they stop the swelling thereby relieving the pain. Eating radish with black salt is very effective method. Consuming bananas are also considered good. It is also good to include fresh fruits and vegetables as a part of our diet. Juice extracted from ginger when mixed with lime juice, honey form a good natural medicine to cure piles. You can cure piles with certain medications as prescribed by the doctor. These home made products to cure piles are effective and safe to use.

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